Minggu, 16 September 2012

The Second Liebster Awards in Brand New Life

Be grateful for all Happened

Life was so rushing lately, my first week after became a university girl. Kak Mita and Erika, my brand new sissy in university. We like to eat, lol. Simply because we match each other, and I hope we can't be best friend forever! :)

Once again a good news is, Voyage of A Big Girl given a lovely Liebster award by two gorgeous Blogger from Ruby and Rosa by Kak Ruby and Rosa!<3 Thank you so much for them both, which is so kind to give me this awards, this is my second Liebster awards, actually.

Thank you so much for all who keep in touch with my blog in this virtual life. I appreciatte all your feedback so much! :))

keep in touch?

8 komentar:

  1. sudah, saya kan selalu check blog anda, terimakasih :)

  2. thank you ayu for always be my best friend :*

  3. Sweet pictures and congrats on the awards :)

  4. yay! thankyou so much ayu!<3


  5. 1. I spent my whole life in Bali.
    2. I'm a medical student.
    3. I really love anything in Blue color.

    hihi <3


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