Selasa, 25 Desember 2012

Fashion of His Love

Merry Christmas, everyone!<3

Geez, It's a year already. A year from last year's Christmas, wohooo!
I'm likely always said that 'time flies fast' at almost all my latest post, maybe it's kinda bored to read the same words again, and over again, but for sure it's all fast. Situation change, spin up and down faster than a jaguar. Oh time..... :")
Anyway, today I'm feeling so red(maybe because of today is Christmas *yay!*). I found myself bought this pretty-red skirt a few weeks ago. I'm feeling sooooo happy to pairing it with my pink-cropped tee from @duatigashop!<3<3. Guess what? I'm all the way stayed at home today, so I really definitely dressed Up just for made myself happy, LOL.

Isn't it fit together? :p

A girl will never have too much shoes, right?

I seeing all the sign from above
I'm going to be the one that he loves
I was made for loving him
The Fashion of his Love

A song from Lady Gaga that stuck in my mind, lately. A Fashion of his Love!<3 *I'm not in love with a boy just fyi* 
I always love, when it's rain in the Christmast morning, that holly feeling that will come when the rain start falling.....<3

Ah, I haven't say it yet, Merry Christmas for you!

Lots of love,
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13 komentar:

  1. yes the outfit matches perfectly :)
    love your shoes!


  2. you look great and nice photo:)

  3. Merry Christmaaas! And wow, awesome shoooes :-)

  4. merry christmas doll, loving the setting xo
    check out my latest post "WARRIOR//CHRISTmas Grinch"

  5. merry christmas ay :*

  6. nice blog ;)
    mind to follow each other? visit mine
    thank you ;)


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