Jumat, 14 Desember 2012

My Little Everything

The time goes by

Grabing a photo from my account on Instagram (ayudamayanthi), it was after my first Histology skill lab.

As the time flies really fast, 24 hours almost always can't have me.
Every freshman in university, especially me seems like so busy did soooo many things in the campus. Somehow, I can't believe it's December already! Yeah, new year getting closer and Christmas euphoria  now on every single where in the town.
Ahya, is now my dearest @bigygorjes becoming a store. We still sold handmade-shoes, but now we sold ready stock with premium quality girl's stuff too. You can check here to meet our December Collection<3<3
I thank you all my lovely readers for still reading my blog. I know I'm not a good blogger, and when you still reading mine, you&I know what it mean. I hope you a very HAPPY December!<3<3

With a warm hug,

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  1. Dont worry, we'll be here when you come back :-D

  2. For me, blog because you love it, then you will be a good blogger :)
    Don't judge yourself negative, ok? ;)

    anyway, i love the photo, you have a cheerful smile :)


  3. wuidih, bu dok mau kemana nih ? ke Beachwalk kah ? hehe

  4. so beautiful!
    yess that's true time flies so fast!

  5. I always enjoy your post :D
    I do know, becoming a new freshmen is so busy with college stuff, I've passed it. and the next semester is more and more busy :D

    visit my little cream button♥

  6. you're so cute :)
    anywan, januari kamu ada kegiatan ga dear? :D

    Daily Life

  7. Sorry for the wrong link to my blog, the right one's → chintyaadewi.blogspot.com

    Thank you ♥

  8. cute ;)
    thanks for the comment, by the way. i already followed you, followback? :)

    itschintia.blogspot.com xo

  9. gerat blog !
    so cute <3

    zapraszam do konkursu do wygrania BIƻUTERIA

    Would you like to follow each other ?

  10. hello, thank you for dropping some comments on my blog, by the way, enjoy your freshmen year, darling! all is well in freshmen year :):)


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