Jumat, 08 Februari 2013

Blue Fairy

It's MALACH FLEUR day!<3

It's seems so long time ago since my last post.......
I hate to said again and over again how much my campus life have killed my 'me time', but it's true, sometimes it's hard to even get a fresh air on the campus. Go home at 3 pm and still have to done all the learning task :|.  Anyway, the point is I still alive and LOVING all that daily routine like crazy, hahahaha. I just can't imagining if I was taken any other faculty.

Hey, I just made a really quick photoshoot today. It's my new sponsor anyway. My dearest Gabriella Eldreen's new line 'MALACH FLEUR'. Gaby will running Malach Fleur as a headpiece-handmade as a online-based-shop. I'm so excited because she send me one of their pre-launched collection<3<3. You can reach Malach fleur on Instagram and Twitter @Malachfleur and their site by clicking here.

 It's so hot now at bali, if you wanna come here just don't forget to bring looot of sunblock. LOL. Ahya, I'm half-naked-face today, because it's outdoor photoshoot and too hot to have 'too much' make up, tho.

Gaby really know how to treat blue lover like me!<3<3

Flower Crown - Malach Fleur // Watch - Fossil // Top-Skirt-Wedges - Bigy Gorjes

Once again, thank you, Gaby!:*


9 komentar:

  1. like a proncess <3 love your skirt ayu. btw kalau mau take a picture jam 9-11 atau jam 3-5 syng biar hasilnya max itu cahaya di foto kamu terlalu silau jadi ada bayangan di bawah mata jd kurang bagus.heheh :p

  2. You look wonderful. I love flower wreaths for my hair xx

  3. love your top ayuuuu! ❤
    gorgeous as you :D

  4. You are really pretty ci :)
    Love ur outfit! ^^


  5. woww. thanks for visited my blog. you're cute!! follow you! follow me back okay! hihi ;)

  6. beautiful girl :)
    headbandnya cocok :D

  7. Hi!!!Ü
    I really like your blog and your style,
    I´m following you! :D
    ...maybe if you want, you could visit my blog too,
    and if you like it, follow me back!


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