Sabtu, 16 Maret 2013

Vintage Pino

Last day, HOLYday(s)

It was a happy trip with my Midori and Shinta. 
 A small vintage place located at Sanur, the name is Putih Pino. 
Recommended place to visit for all vintage lovers. But I must admit that their food was not delicious, and the waitress were not friendly, they said that not allowed to taken pictures if we weren't eat more than 300K. What the? We left that place soon as we can.

Elizabeth - Bag // UBvintage - Cape


5 komentar:

  1. what a lovely place ayuuu!
    and you look pretty :D

  2. nice place! pingin kesana deh jadinya ni, hihi <3

  3. Lovely place! <3

  4. sweeeeetieee cutieee...
    love your style as always. love that cape and your bag is to die forrrrr..
    muah muah dan tempatnya bagus banget ya cucok shaayyy...


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