Kamis, 20 Agustus 2015

Merah Putih

A lovely day at Prana Spa

Have you ever read about The Prana Spa Bali?  This venue was choose to be the third off site event of the Fashion Festival Bali 2015. I'm too much in love with their architecture, I can't describe it with words because the artfulness simply beyond words could explain. My Kind of place.
Anyway, for the update of The Fashion Festival Bali 2015 please visit their website here, it's updated every days, surely you'll read good feeds.

My Fave Spot

In this third off site event, The Fashion festival focus on the collective show from the designer that participating on the 2015 Fashion Festival, such us Danjyo Hiyoji, ISIS, Dimas, Heads of State Millinery, Queenmark, and Pleatation.


It was a wrap!

Beside the relaxing spa, Prana also offer so much delicious dish. You guys definitely have to go there.

On the mood to wearing Red and White since it still on the August 17th Celebration, aka Indonesia's Independence Day.

Hat, Top, and Pants by My Online shops // My Mama's Clutch // Shoes - Lolo and Brigida

Do you guys notice that my latest(s) post have better shoots pictures? Here's Angga from Bhargawaphoto that taken my amazing photos.


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  1. very chic outfit


  2. Lovely place and clothes!



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