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REVIEW : Rob Peetoom Hair Spa Bali


How was life, bloggerland?
Mine was so-so. Doing all the campus stuff bla-bla-bla and bla-bla-bla. Seriously you'll get boring to hear my-oh-so-lame campus story.
Do you guys remember, in my previous post I was tell you about meet the one and only hair maestro, Mr. Rob Peetoom? YA! HE IS. And surprisingly he asked me (and my two other friend) to come and enjoyed Rob Peetoom Hair Spa Bali's most legendary hair-ritual-treatment. It was amazing 60 minutes of treatment. Try it once, ladies! Then you'll going for repeat!

My Squat that day. Kak Aw - Kak Dp - Me.

Here's some of the beautiful corner of Rob Peetoom Hair Spa Bali that caugt by my camera

My point of View white got my hair washed

Our playground today

The hair-wash corner

Seems like Kak DP & Kak AW enjoyed their time so much. lol

Selfie is a must. LOL

My Blur point of view cant choosee to look at the water or the rice paddies

What's so serious, girl? You just got your head and neck massage, anyway.

 So, we come on Tuesday to Rob Peetoom Hair Spa Bali. It's located on the Petitenget street no. 16, Seminyak. I swear you it's so easy to be found because it's excatly on the main street. 
The super-generous Mr. Rob give me and my ladies Hair Ritual therapy, which ia contain the 60 minutes of head and neck massage, serum- conditioner, masque, leave in, and the hot stone therapy. Definitely the most relaxing 60 minutes on my hectic-august.
Which part is my fave? For me it's the head and neck massage and stone therapy. The therapist's hand was amazing, the oil essence relaxing, and I was and will always in love with anything hot. lol.
Rob Peetoom  hair spa Bali also provide other treatments such as body spa, hair spa, beauty treatments (make up, ingebrows, manicure, padicure, and bodywaxing) and of course Mr. Rob's legendary art cut and colouring hair. Besides women’s treatments, also available treatments for men, and children.

Nyam-nyam. My Cookie and latte while got my hair and neck well-treated.

It's getting dark while we done our hair-ritual

The beautuiful of balinese 'banten'

That beauty tools

The business inside the hair-dressing room

My silky-wet hair after the hair-ritual


Mr. Rob, himself have us on his salon that day. I can't be luckier again.

It's actually done only after Mr. Rob did his final touch to my hair. LOL

 Anyway, if you're stopping by in beacwalk bali, you also could find the other Rob Peetoom Salon. They just opened their new branch on the beachwalk's third floor, they just done their amazing grand opening at August 12th. Don't foget to pay a visit girls! You'll get that gorgeous hair, just like mine. Lol


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  1. you hair looks amazing


  2. Nice photos :)
    BLOG M&M FASHION BITES : http://mmfashionbites.blogspot.gr/2015/08/lost-in-woods.html
    Maria V.

  3. Omg! If i only got a chance to visit Bali! Love your blog and travels :)
    I'm following you now. Would love if you do the same? xx

    Marianne // Picture Me

  4. Wow I wish I was in your place lol :)


  5. what a gorgeous place to be at...perfect place to relax, it must be a great experience getting one hair's done there, right?

    I have followed you with gfc!


  6. Looks like a great pamper session and lots of fun :-D

  7. omg, wow! that place is wonderful and it looks like you had an amazing experience :) xoxo


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