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The Fashion Festival Bali 2015 Closing Ceremony

The Dazzling Fashion Night

The Closing ceremony of Fashion Festival Bali 2015 more than just a wrap! It's too perfect to be true.
I'm personally feeling like so lucky to get a chance being the media partner of TFFB 2015. The only thing that I regret about is, the fact that I missed two days of their amazing show (and again due my exam weeks *lame*) wich is could so much involving my fashion-knowledge. But, that's fine the closing ceremony kinda enough to swept away my regretness. Before the show begin, the team of TFFB 2015 held a press conference with the founder, designers, and also the sponsors. 

Rob Peetoom GM, Clinique GM, The Trans Resort Marketing Manager, Mr Nick, Queenmark, Fabiola Aisha, IKat Id

Me and Mr. Didiet Maulana, The  Men behind Ikat Indonesia

For the closing ceremony TFFB 2015 the runway show presenting Fabiola Aisha, Queenmark Singapore, Betty Tran, and Ikat Indonesia by Didiet Maulana.
The designer are all so down-to earth kind of personalities, they talk so much about their design, the material in designed, the theme of the show, and their future plan about designing. I can't be happier again while Ms. Fabiola herself asked me to entering the backstage and see her beyond amazing couture gown, I'm feeling like my heart skip a beat. lol.

Ms. Fabiola Aisha, she is know how to made couture gown. She IS.

I can't stop staring back. Just look every detail of Ms. Fabiola's design. The word beyond gorgeous.

Betty Tran's Rack

Queenmark's rack

Ikat ID's rack

Rob Peetoom's team just did amazing make up and hair do

Maybe I should get the closer shot of the eyes' make up. It's amazing

Because every girls love red roses, right?

Here the show begin....

The feather on the row

Ms. Fabiola's glamorous row

My Fave Scarf of Queenmark Singapore. Yes, Scarf. How Creative, right?

Betty Tran's wide evening gown

I suggest you to take a closer look of this Ikat Id's top. The pleated is the best

Ikat Id's row


All the great shoot belong to my friend, angga. Click here to see his other portofolio.

Meet these beautiful girls that night

With Mrs. Holly The super kind and beautiful woman whom also the Manager of The Prana Bali Spa

With Mr. Hamish from The Prana Bali Spa

WE'RE SO LUCKY! It's Mr. Rob Peetoom choose to sit together on our media table. Super duper down to earth person. He IS.

Being the youngest always the best feeling. lol

Mbak Ayu from HighEndTraveller, Mbak DP from The Beat magazine, and Mbak Lina from Rob Peetoom

Black Headpiece by Samantha // My Very own design LBD // Clutch by Manikan // Shoes by Bigygorjes


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