Selasa, 08 September 2015

Stay fit during the holidays

Running by the Beach 

Holidays is now on! Before entering my 7th semester a.k.a third year. Fiuh. I can't believe I am actually already on this level, seem like its yesterday I was the freshman on the faculty, and noooow I am the oldest. LOL
Last weekend i spent my days on Singaraja-Bali, which is have a beautiful beach named Lovina. There's a dolphin bay on the beach, and I am so lucky to get a chance to see the beautiful baby dolphin (I'll review it on my next post). So, staying fit during the holiday is a must for me, and I think for all of the travellers.

My kind of way to stay fit on the holidays?

1. Always bring your running shoes - RUN!(there's no excuse, there will always way to running, right?)
2. If your hotel have a pool go SWIM! Instead of just get tanned and chill near the pool, swimming could also burn the calories you've eat.
3. Gym on the hotel? Why not?!
4. Take some steps to your next destination.

I was run and swim on my short holiday, and ya girls. It's so much helping to burn my big breakfast. LOL

The morning selfie

Just ignore my make-up less face :p

Happy holiday! See you in next post.

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