Senin, 15 Agustus 2016


Happy holiday, everyone!

Hello my fellow blogger!
Welcome back again to my wonderland.
First off all I wanna spread my happiness to you guys. Now l'm officially graduated from my medical school and becoming a co-ass, it's one step again to reaching my dream as a doctor. So, I guess I will be posted super duper slow again after this, because of I need to wait for the next one year till my holiday again after this. Hmmmmm....
Long story short, my small co-ass group managed to have holiday together in lombok. We are four so welcomed by gungde, our lomboknese friend and guide. Here is the report of our first holi-day!

We're go to ate ayam taliwang first for our lunch. 

And the next time we go to the beach-hill. The hill's name is bukit merese. Guess what? Ya me too. I felt like somewhere else in USA too😎


Cool eh? Wait until you see the beach. The beach was in white-sand and so clean. 

How to life like an islanders? 
Yup! Go to the beach and drink coconut water straight from the place🙊

After beach-to-beach walking were heading to desa sade, where the siku sasak living.

We're running out energy after our (not-so) hiking experience, so we're charged ours on a place named 'nasi balap puyung' before heading back to mataram.

We have happy tummy now, and we go back to mataram. At the night we're going to Lombok Epicentrum Mall and decide to watching movie together. You right fellows, whats again if its not Suicide Squad.
The film was an hour of waiting for us, so I decide to bought a cute dress next door. And the boys wait me to choose this or that. LOL. As I'm already try to killing time, and there's still time left before the film stares, and again we decide to get some ice cream.

Yap. It's a wrap. I'm so tired that day. I felt asleep just after I put my head on pillow. 
PS. Suicide Squad is SO WORTH to watch🙋🏻


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