Rabu, 17 Agustus 2016

Feeling so Blue: Rinjani Lodge and Senggigi Beach

 Captured by the lens on a speed of light-driving. LOL

Here is the next post about my day-two LOMBOK-holiday­čÖő­čĆ╗

Starting it with weirdo selfie. LOL

What's so funny guys?

We're decide to go to Rinjani Lodge, a resort near Rinjani mountain that have a super breath-taking view. For you all that have a plan to go to Lombok, this place I gonna give 9/10 of place to visit there. The journey worth the destination, I swear you.

One of the best swimming pool I've ever saw with my eyes. Now I shared it with you with my lens.

What's so serious to ordered, miss Ayu?

A lot of selfie, of course.

My current fave things on the vacation.

Finally, I could share my proper look with proper clothes with you guys. LOL.
This is gonna be the best outfit that I wore during my vacation to Lombok. I manage to wore my fave colors all from top to bottom. YA, you all know my fave color from now on.

Flower Crown by my LDR BFF Blogger Gaby // Cut Out floral dress by My Fave Local Boutique // Clucth a Birthday Gift by my BFF PRAMITA // SUMMER BROWN sandal by Bigygorjes 

Abang is eating spring rolls, peacefully <3

 THE CREDITS to all of THE BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS during my vacation is to this boy, heading to instagram @gunggde to see his other beautiful feeds

I can swiming here forever

What's holiday without swimming?

And much mooore selfies to go.....

And of COURSE! Local FOOD <3

Pardon my blinking selfie, please :p


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