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Ngobrol Bareng Blogger – Inovasi BCA - SAKUKU BCA

A Day With the  Bloggers 

How was life going my dear fellow bloggers?
Mine? So Much much and more hectic since my last post (Of course, on my last post, I was on my coass-holiday. LOL). Since I back then to my real-coass-life it’s so hard to find the right time to write down even only about my daily life that without any special content.

Okay, now  I will talking about my latest experience with BCA and a community called Blogger Perempuan. I was on the middle of my morning report on the hospital when I confirmed that I would like to come to the Event, a bit crazy but honestly I really Miss to attend an event as a blogger, Okay you don’t have to read about this, just unimportant blabbers. So, the event held at Livingstone Cafe & Bakery that Located in Petitenget Bali on October 27th 2016. Shout out to Bank BCA's event organizer that arranged the cafe nicely with my fave  color! <3

Blue Flowers? Like Seriously? You got me at hello, baby.

I've always weak of everything beautiful.

The Event was like ‘family-gathering’ for the Bloggers all over Bali. Including Fashion Bloggers, Beauty Bloggers, Lifestyle Bloggers and Traveller Bloggers. It feels so freaking good to meet them all. While we're treated by The Livingstone cafe's super delicious dishes, Bank BCA provide us to Sharing and talking about how to dealing with social media, Bank BCA’s newest product named SAKUKU, Bank BCA x BBLOG_ID's blogger competition, stand up comedy, and epicly closed by an acoustic band performance. I’m feeling like treated so good that night. Before I talking more about the event, I’d like to thank so much to Bank BCA to trusting me to be one of their guest, I feel so honored.

So, the event was starting by some acoustic song from Livingstone’s band. They sang nicely while we treated by Livingstone’s delicious appetizer.

The main course we ate accompanied by IWWM, a famous instagram influencer from Bali, talking how to maintaining followers and making money from instagram. He told us to loving and cherishing our followers, it’s actually quite good for a person that so well-known in instagram. The point that I got from his presentation including how to maintaining our feeds to keep our followers, Instagram’s secret he said. Why we need to keep them close? Because we actually could be an influencer, and making money. What could be better than working on our passionate? Nothing. We don’t even have to work a single day of our life.

IWWM himself

I was so craving for spagheti along the week. LOL

Still on our meal time, Mr. Amin Lauren from Bank BCA's service and Development division talking about BCA’s newest product named SAKUKU BCA. The product basically allowed us to pays our bill without take so much money on our wallet. It’s available in so many payments method like transferring money, top up, getting cash, split bill, and other banking payment methods even without having account on BCA. SAKUKU obviously there for all youngster that mostly need so much banking transaction like pay for online shopping, or even pay our meals on the hangout space. The product basically so easy, simple and free. simple and free. We just have to downloading the program on our smart phone becoming a member by using ONLY phone number, and Voila! You are a member, and You can use it to pay the bills (After transferring money to your SAKUKU account) without any card (YES!). If you still confuse and need more information about SAKUKU BCA, here click Bank BCA’s official website about the product.

Mr. Amin Lauren himself talking about SAKUKU BCA.

My Very Own Sakuku BCA, yay!

I've tasted some kind of creme brule cheesecake on my life, and this one definitely one of my latest obsesion.

Another topic is about BBLOG_ID in their collaboration with BCA, that held an competition that named “My BCA Experience Blog Competition”. The Competition start from 30 Augusts – 31 October 2016. How to Join the competition? You can simply click BBLOG_ID link and following the steps there, of course you have to be a member first. Just a little information about the competition, you just have to reviewing about a product from Bank BCA (SAKUKU, Flazz, ATM BCA, BCA Credit Card, Halo BCA, Debit BCA, etc) on your blog, easy right? I mean it’s basically our job. LOL. Don’t forget to join the game, my friends! Because there will be Macbook Air, Iphone 6, Mirorless Camera and Cash for the winner. Click Here to see the full BBLOG_ID x BCA competition's full information.

Me and Kak Bia. She is so pretty and literally one of nicest person at first sight. LOL

The girls and I

I went home, tired but of course with a lot of good story to be told to my mommy (Ya, I’m still that mama’s girl).

What I wore:

Headpiece - Elizabeth // Cutout dress - J.Rep // Tassel Necklace - Sasaku Lombok // Bag - Palomino // Heels - Zalora

 Once again thank you Bank BCA to give me chance to attend your amazing event and meet so much great peoples! 


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