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Uber x Bali Blogger at ZIA Hotel Seminyak

Press a button and get a ride!

The Super YAAAYness! Jacuzzi at ZIA Hotel Bali

Today, was a super exciting day. I was just like jumping from hospital and voila! I'm at the Blogger Bali X Uber gathering. The Event was held on ZIA Hotel Seminyak, Bali. The event were inviting bloggers and Instagrammers all around Bali to talk about Uber and their Newest Product called #UBERTrip. So, Here I go told you story about Uber.

The UBERteam presenting about the product

Mr. Wallen from UBER

Have you guys hear about Uber before? 
For you that never know about Uber, I will tell you a little story. Uber is an application that help you to provides your transportation needs. This application been helping people in 71 countries and more than 500 cities to mobile in their daily needs and even their traveling needs. In Indonesia Uber has been there for two years. The Transportation that Uber offer including UberX, Uberblack, UberMotor, and UberPool.

 Uber also help anybody that want to get perquisite could join Uber-Driver-Group. The drivers of course have to had some special qualifications for joining the team. As a company Uber have a vision to make transportation being more efficient, in this case they make UBerPool programme that allowing people that have the same destination using one UberDriver and just out separately in their destination.

Open your application - Request - set your location to pick up - your driver photo and the car type appear on the screen

UberMotor been available in Bali since October 2016, this application provide motorcycle transportation for everyone that need fast mobile during the jam around Bali.

The most commonly used in Bali is UberX. The charge of UBerX is: Basic charge: IDR 3K, per minute IDR 300, per KM IDR 2 K, minimum tarif IDR 3 K,
Decline Tarif 30K.

 #Ubertrip is the newest inovation from UberTeam that only available in Bali to provide the tourists' traveling needs. The #Ubertrip system is basically the same with the other programe, we pick the driver using the application after selecting UberTrip, and the paying system is by counting the maximum time of 5 hours with the cost of IDR 300K. With 5 hours that we have, its up to us the passanger to stop anywhere we want to take a stop, and you will be charged IDR 1 K/minute after. 
 Uber also provide Schedule arrives, programme that allowing us to scheduled our trip days before we need to go anywhere. The UberTeam automatically looking for the driver nearby at the scheduled day.

Here I made a youtube chanel video to review how to use Uber for you that never try using Uber-yet. I hope this video helping!<3

What's Gathering without foods?
ZIA's rooftop view!

UBER X Bloggers and Instagrammers

UBER X The Beauty Bloggers

Black Turtle Neck top - Unbranded // Pink Scarf - gift from China // Black Flare Skirt - New Look // Brown Wedges - Triset

Since there available so many kind of UBER-look-a-like transportation service, we need to know how to difference them and finally choosing which one do we need, right?
So, Uber basically already has a LARGE network all around the world. By having an Uber account you could automatically using them even when you are travelling abroad. Just for example, we're Indonesian and then we going to have a trip to Australia we also could use Uber as our transportation during to the trip. We JUST have to make sure that our phone number are active or have a Internet connection (Or Wifi) then open the application and search UBerDriver Nearby. Simple right?
Even if you lost your phone or gadget, if you still remember your UBERAccount information you can login in any other gadget. UBER also known by the passport of right sharing by that.

So much positive thoughs been shared during the gathering. I'm so thankful that invited and force myself to come, and lastly THANK YOU SO MUCH to all the UBER team that make the gathering happened. If you need more information about UBER click here.

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