Kamis, 29 Desember 2016


The Night Of the Beauties

Once Upon a Night these Beauty Blogger managed their time to meet at a gathering. They showed their best make up look and wore the best white outfit they have. The beauties take so much photos and ate a lot foods. Everybody were happily ever after because of they’re also got so much gifts from the other beauties. 
The End.

I hove that was a dramatic opening sentences. LOL

First of all I wanna thanks to our lovely sponsors: SensatiaBotanicals, Aiglow Lashes, Japan Softlens, Emina cosmetics, Say Cheese Bali,Sweet Gems Bali, Eastern Garden, Olivia slimming and skin care. 

Ya. We are Bali Beauty Blogger, and we managed to do our first formal dinner gathering at Dec, 23rd 2016 at Goemerot Restaurant—Renon—Denpasar. We decide white as the dresscode so we got the best color match at all of our photo. So much fun, so much love, so much new experince to talking about during the event. I am personally thankful that I managed my time to be on that dinner, because I will definetely regret if I’m not coming that time. 

It was 17.30 when I arrived at Goemerot restaurant, the place that we decide to held the dinner. I help kak youween to decorate our dinner table and arranged the event’s rundown. The even actually running a bit late because of some of us trapped on the Bali’s crazy jam. Just fyi, it’s getting insane lately. But, overall the event is going good as by the rundown. Super satisfied.

The first of all we pray to the lord that the event was actually happen. Then one by one of us introducing ourselves, our social media, and kind of our lately activity. The next is we’re doing ice breaking games that the winner got a mask from ours’ money. So much fun during the quiz, we’re LOL all the time. Then the topic getting serious, because of we’re talking about the BBB’s kind of chief. Aaaand congratulation to Kak Ayu Inda to be choosen by mostly the members of BBB. Yay! Congratulation Kak AyuInda #teamAyuInda!<3 We all about to starving and wait our dinner, bat the event going strong. Here come the sharing session. Our darling Jessica Ie steal the attention to speak up her experiece about how to gain followers in Instagram and Blog and how to monitized it. She give all of us the tips and trick about how to increasing our followers, how to make attractive caption on our post and something like that. The next sharing session, is by the vintage darling Ita Chen. She talk about how to write properly and consistenly. The vintage lover persuade us to psting our post consistenly in the same day each week. For example, we posted our content every Saturday and we asked our readers to read about our content in Sunday wich is most of people have leisure time in Sunday. Last but not least, My dear nyablak girl (ups, sorry) Kak Hatta Shani talk about how to being a youtuber and how to involve our subscribers. She told us like the others: KEEP OUR FEEDS CONSISTENT. Post in the same day once in a week, and branding ourself. We have to had our signature style in whatever our blog talks about.

Everybody will be agree that the meal time definetely the best part of the day. Basically our food is the same, grilled chicken wings that comes with fried fries or mashed potato. I’m not sure that I’m starving or what, but the foods taste so good on my tongue. Then we got a super delicious pannacotta as a dessert by @sweetgemsbali. A supper pluffy cotton cheesecake by @say.cheese was the bomb, taste super gooooooooood especially after we refrigerated it (super honest thought I’m not lying you guys MUST try it). We continue our games because we have two more mask to go. LOL. Time flying so fast when you meet such great persons, right? The exchange gift time then coming. I give little number to the gifts so there will nobody get their own gifts. Yah. I think its all the little story I could told about the gathering. So much fun, so much love.

Me and Kak Shani

What could be happier than met the person that have the same passion with you? Yah that was met the persons that have same passion with you.
Because beautiful girls will run the world. Watch out!


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  1. Great content) Really interesting post)

  2. Waaa...sukaa semua detail di BBB gatheriiing >_<
    udah aku follow ya yuu, sorry aku baru ngeh ada komen di blog...hahaha dan aku gak bs reply komennya lho, kenapa ya?

  3. Haiii, Ibu Sie Acara! 😘 Hehe seru banget yahh gathering kmrn itu, pengen pengen lagi :))

  4. que maravilla, lo habras pasado muy bien

  5. What a wonderful event!
    Thank you for visiting my blog!
    I follow you, please follow back!

  6. Wah seruu ya, you look gorgeous yu! hopefully can join next time ;)

  7. omg so much fun. Looks like a wonderful meet up. All u ladies look so good.
    New post on my blog . Do drop by soon <3

  8. Wii bener bener enak banget makannya @.@ bikin ngiler kak


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