Sabtu, 31 Desember 2016

Beauty Review: Aiglow Lashes

I Can't stop Blinking

If you are Indonesian, you must be s similar with the words "Bulu mata anti badai". LOL
That in English mean like lashes staying so good even there's storm. 
So, ya we're talking about lashes today.

As I write on the previous post, we Bali Beauty Blogger on our first gathering got sponsord by @aiglow_bali
They provided super good quality lashes, and of course in so many kind lashes. I'm not a lashes expert, but I know my lashes got a little drama (that I actually love) after put on their falsies.  
Here their premium one that named Papallona that have toooooo cute BLUE-pink packaging. AH I CAN'T :')))

There are available 4 others packaging too of their lashes

In this look, I put on their Green-packaging-lashes, that I'm sorry I can't find what kind of falshies were them (or the name of series on the box).
Honestly, its my very first time put on my own falshies. I hope I do it at least right. lol
My first impression was supe good with these falshies. They apllied super easy (for a beginer like me) on my lids, I kinda expecting some more harder way or got struggling a bit to put on them.... But, I'm not. I'm sure that's not my capability on put the falshies on but it's the falshies that so easy to be working with. So, shoutout to every falshies beginner to trying @aiglow_bali 's falshies. So easy to apply, ladies!

Anyway, Happy New Year 2017 to all my lovely readers! I hope Everyone got their resolutions in 2017. Cheers to the new year!! 


3 komentar:

  1. cepat sekali up nya. Aku aja berusaha make lalu lelah, terus ternyata fotoku gak ada yang bagus TT

  2. cantiiik ayuu...natural yaa keliatannya.. berat gak?

  3. bulu matanya bagus bangettt!!


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