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Bio Living Cell (BLC) Therapy by Victory

Beauty is NOT Pain

Once upon afternoon, I am (and my fellow beauty blogger) attend an event by Victory to talked their BLC (Bio Living Cell Therapy). The event held in their beutiful clinique located at Renon-Denpasar (that was the former’s family house-wich is honestly sooo good in interior and furniture). So, first thing first Victory named their brand as “Victory B.L.C Therapy” that based on Sydney AUS and has branch in Denpasar, Surabaya, and soon at Jakarta. The event hosted by Ms. Fia and then the product presentation and Question-Answers by one of their founders Ms. Yunita. During the event we all the guests pampering by some delicious foods and drinks. So here we go with the event.

Victory's spokesperson Ms. Yunita

Their product that named BLC Therapy is a breakthrough in the aesthetic and health industry, that optimisizes the natural body repair system by penetrating a serum rich in hyaluronic acid and other protein using iontophoresis system. Protein and hyalourenic acid are essentials substances required for cell regeneration to take place in the body. Ionthophorosis is a technique which uses ions system that penetrates the serum deep into the body with MINIMAL SIDE EFFECTS. Therefore, the smart combination of the serum with ionthoporosis system creates a non-invasive yet powerful technique with the ability to re-grow, repair, and replace damaged tissues such as SKIN, HAIR, BONE, etc. This is why BLC therapy is able to overcome a wide range of skin, hair, and health issues simultaneously.

BLC for Skin
There are so many of Skin problems among peoples wheter male or female. BLC therapy is the solution for a variety of skin problems including: acne, pigmentation and scar issues. The BLC therapy directly approaches the initial cause of the problem of skin damage. This therapy combines ionthoporosis system with serum rich in hyaluronic acid and protein to stimulate skin cell & tissue regeneration. The therapy from BLC also improved blood circulation, stimulate the production of skin collagen and new skin regeneration, wich resulted a healthy glowing and supple skin. That all you guys and girls could get without SURGERY, INJECTION, or LASER, and also minimal side effects

BLC for Hair
Once while I am a little girl I never understand why they said ‘hair is woman’s crown’ now I know, hair and skin are everything and brain of course. So, itmis no doubt that hair-related problem saverely impact one’s confidence and esteem. However, it also serves as a strong indicator of the other underlyng health issues that we may have. BLC therapy is effective in re-growing hair since it also improve the underlying health problem which may inderectly or directly cause hair loss/baldness.

BLC for Heath
BLC therapy has been proven to be able to help overcome various health problem and is suitable for both young and old. Through the combination of protein-rich serum, hyaloronic acid and ionthoporosis, BLC therapy can stimulate new cell regeneration to repair, replace, and regrow damaged tissue in the body system. The health issues that could help by the BLC therapy such us Escema, scholiosis, etc.

NATURE NURTURE BEST: Victory integrates nature and smart technology to bring you Home Care Product series to Boost as well as maintain the result you obtain from Bio-Living Cell Therapy.

Thats all the review product above, honestly I got from the Victory’s leaflet to give you all my readers a ‘proper english’ review. LOL. I will soon reveiw my first impression about their therapy soon after I try one of their treatment. I promise you guys.

Now, the question. Here is the top three question that really got my attention during the chit-chat “Question-and-Answer” session with Ms. Yunita:
1.       Did it safe to see the result by only one time therapy?
-YES. Because the product basically help our cell to renew rapidly without any chemist things because all the product is ‘Bio-Living Cell’
2. About the bone issue to repair the scoliosis, is it safe to do therapy without the doctor suggestion?
       -This is coulnd’t be yes or no. The answer is BLC those who needs helps in scholiosis therapy that already diagnosed by doctors by scholiosis. They used their roller to pretty much make them back in shape, but again the result will be based on the person and how massive the damage.
3. After the therapy, could us use another cosmetics directly?
       -YES. You could use any kind of your dear cosmetics just after your therapy. Or even if you want to go to the sun just like sunbathe its ok, its fine would’t effects on your skin.

In short here I write: The BLC therapy not like the others aesthetic therapy that only focusing on SKIN, but their product also work on HAIR, and other health issues like BONE etc. All the testimonials and review based on peoples that got continue therapy from victory. If you interested to try their product, visit here or here to got more information!

I got a free hand-trial-treatment

After all I honestly interest to try their products, not only based on the review, but also by how humble and down to earth their owners. At the event I personally feels like home, I mean they are so good to peoples, I can’t. I am kind of the person that can’t be treated too good. LOL. I am out of the topic right now. So here is some of the pretty pictures of my fellow Bali Beauty Bloggers and I during the Victory Event.

FYI, Victory will also opened a cafe named FIG TREE that the foods and beverages served to US during the event.

Matcha Mouse Cake

Blackpapper Chicken Pie

When your wing-liner soooo goood. LOL

The Lil cutest member of BBB <3

Thank you for having us, Victory team!
Make Up of the day

Anyway I made a youtube video about the event, don't forget to check if you guys don't mind  :)


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