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Martha Tilaar Product Review

Do I Spent 200K well?

Hello Everyone!
How was Life? So-so?
So, today I will review my experience to shopping for free in Martha Tilaar Store Beachwalk Bali. As you can see on my previous post I was invited to attend Hipmi Bali Market Festival 2016, that giving the bloggers free vouchers (IDR 100K each) to purchase at the Martha Tilaar store. Of Course I'm feeling super exciting about the vouchers LOL. No, I mean I feel excited about trying their product. The picture above is all the make up and skin care that I finally take home after long-way-thinking (based on what I need and blablabla). 

Sari Ayu Putih Langsat lulur spa 2 in 1

First thing first. Since I was on my "co-ass" life, I often scrubing my skin because of I everyday-like-everyday contacts with so much persons in the hospital (wheter they sick or not) it's my skin that I tho feeling sick. So yeah, scrubing after long tiring day would be good, right?

Shampoo & Conditioner by Rudy

I've experience with sooo many shampoo and conditioner that saying themselves are "anti hairloss" or something like that, and honestly I've never found one that working so good on mine. I really really hope these products working on my hair.

Sari Ayu White Aromatic two in one cleanser

This one actually I just randomly pick because I want to try another cleanser. Hm, I tho like its not specific reason I take this one home. But yeah, I hope this one working too.

Caring Colors Stay True Foundation

Foundation is something that I lately obssesed with. I try some new foundations in this past few months and I feel amazing about this because if this is a-year-ago kind of me we're talking about I will definetely not wearing foundation. I have a super sensitive skin just fyi, so I was so freak out whenever I asked to try a new skin care or cosmetics product. And one day, my bff told me "how do you know a product will works or not on you if you're not trying them?" Eversince after that I just thinking and thinking about. So, yeah. I have some foundation new and even its some for someone its kinda beauty movement for me.

Sari Ayu - Loose Powder

Even I said above that 'me-now' kinda brave to try some make up and skin care I still and still not have ability to try something like 'cake powder' so I have some type loose powder and of course still looking for others, so this product I believe will working on me.

Thats all I got at Marta Tilaar store for IDR 200K. what do you guys thinking? I'm not yet try all the product, and I promise will be writing about what I think about after I try the products.

Thank you for reading!

+Ayu Damayanthi 

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  1. Great review. Have a great week


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