Jumat, 16 Desember 2016

Victoria secret's fashion show 2016

 It's the time of the year again!

Beside all the seasons' fashion week, the Victoria Secret's fashion show is one of the most-watching fashion show all over the year. Who can resist the angels? They are everbody-like-everybody's sweet dreams. The class of 2016 Victoria Secret's fashion show taking Paris this time. I can't imagine, angels in Paris.....
How could be more perfect?

That every girl's dream robe tho.

All the 40 angels

My forever queen angel on her sweet 16 runway

Yes, Queen!

Kendal and her very first wing

Gigi with her wing too 

The Hadid Sisters

My fave all along the 2016 show

My new angel crush, Ming Xi

This year's fanasy bra are too 'ordinary'




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  1. Saya juga ngga pernah ketinggalan nonton acara ini. Cuma kenapa ya Kendal kok ngga kelihatan wah? Padahal selain di sini dia keren banget.


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