Sabtu, 07 Januari 2017

Beauty Review : Japan Softlens

Something Blue, something in your eyes

I've always love to see somebody's blue eyes. But I never imagine that's me going to have those blue eyes.

Following the Bali Beauty Blogger's event last month, today I will reviewing one of our sponsor's product that is @japansoflens cek out their instagram page or on their website
My latest crush that definetely CRUSH. How could be not? They send me a pair of BLUE softlens that I reallyyyyyyyyyyy love. I can't. Hello people, when the last time I could deny blue kinda things? LOL.

So the packaging come with this pink-gliterry super cute box that contain the softlens itself and a super cute softlens box (to keep it).


My first impression to wear this soflens is so far so good. And again its the first time I'm applying softlens by my own. I'm struggling I really am. My lids can't stop blinking when I first gonna put the lens on my eye balls. It takes some minute till my lids give up to blinking and the lens applied well on my eyebals (finally).

For the packaging I really love it its gilterry its pinky and also it's come with the box, so for the begginer like me it's so much helping + saving money because we don't need to buy the separated box, right?
The product itself I like them because they send me the blue one (I love it by the color at first). For the comfortness level, it's comfort enough for my eyes, I don't really feels like something on my eyebals, so yeah. I love it.
If you wanna have twinning lens with me please kindly check @japansoflens product in here

More photos coming soon! <3


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  1. I've ever tried japan softlens once and I thought it doesn't fit my eyes well because literally I have small eyes and the softlens are way too big for me, lol :)) Anyway, you look so cute with those lenses, the blue color seems so natural. Oh, thanks for following my blog, dear, I follow you back, let's keep in touch !




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