Sabtu, 18 Februari 2017

Beauty Journal: The Atlas of Beauty

Beauties in all over the world

Hello my dear readers and bloggers!
How was life? I'm wishing you to have a very happy weekend.
Few months ago, I found an interesting bauty project called The Atlas of Beauty by a photograper named Mihaela Noroc.
I'm in love with first sight with this project.

 She's Mihaela Noroc, the woman behind The Atlas of Beauty.
She has a great mission to show the world about the beautiful face all over the world throgh photograph.

 Well, everey one has their own definition of beauty. But typically I saw my surrounding define beauty is about size, shape, and skin-tone. People around me, or maybe nowdays boys (not every boys of course) look at a girl and said them beautiful if they have small waist, nice skin and bla bla bla bla.
Somehow I just wanna live like Mihaela, to showing the world that beauty beyond what just our eyes could see. Maybe one day I could do that, if not in photography maybe from something others.

Aren't beautiful?

 For me personally, I can't see beauty in only one side. I am not tipical person that have one definition of beauty. For me, beauty come out from any persfective. So here is some of definition of beauty from me:
1. My Mother
2. All the woman that KNOW WHAT THEY WANT and WORK HARD FOR IT
3. Beauty comes out when you BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF
5. If you believe you are beautiful, YOU ARE!
6. Beautiful girl is the one that know how to sharing positive though with others

What your Definition o beauty? Tell me down below and lets have a great talk!


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  1. This is a very lovely post.


  2. I love this post and think it's such an important message to get across. For me beautiful people and the ones that are most sincere and don't feel the need to pull others down. The photos are all so lovely but I love the one of the couple dancing, it's so cute :) x

    1. thank you for the endless support!<3

  3. For me, beauty is when we have self-esteem and become a good impact for others :) Anyway, I love her project and all the photographs! <3



  4. the photos are STUNNING !

    if you like to follow each other, just let me know <3

    My newest post

    Check out my ♥Instagram ,Blog╚ovin and

    Stay Gold

    1. Thank youu, and of course I would like to!

  5. amazing exibition!!


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