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Beauty Review: Nature Organic Choco Honey Hair Mask

  Oh My Lovely hair....

Hello again my fellow bloggers and readers!
Finally I Can found my little favorite me time after crazy day at the hospital, you know writing like a self healing for me. Ok I started to write something unimportant *again*.
So, Today I will write soething about hair.

 I am kind of person that have multiple hair problem. My hair somehow could be so freeze and dry, like the driest hair you could ever imagine. Otherwise It also so easy to fall especially when I wash it. That hair problems make me always-like-always hard to choose what kind of shampoo I should choose. Should it be anti freeze? Or should it be anti-hair fall? And at the end I choose the one that got my biggest hair problem. 
These last 2 years I got a massive hair loss, I lost almost a half of my hair…. I swear, I'm not lying, it like literally half of my hair gone with the water that I used to wash them. Somebody that not close enough with me (of course they not realize how thick my hair was), wouldn’t realized that I loss my hair but my mom, my best friend, and my hair-sylist of course know it.

 Then I started the programe of repairing my hair loss,  I start to used shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, hair lotion, toner all in anti-hair loss label. I used anything that they said could prevent my hair loss, and yeah it takes years to take my hair back on me :’)
 I’ve tried so much brand to match my hair perfectly, and I always end up with my lovely L’Oreal Damaging anti Hair Fall Shampoo. I feel they constantly make my hair stronger, maybe not takes 1 or 2 time but some months, the result was worth to wait. From the beginning of this year, I feel my hair just strong enough to try out something new, so I change my shampoo and conditioner to Martha Tilaar: Rudy Hadisuwarnohair loss defensse product. I feel they were working pretty much the same on my hair. I would Update their another result for you guys later. Read also: My Martha Tilaar Products riview

Since these last 9 months I am doing my co-ass life as a medical student, I feel my hair loss getting better. Another problem come, my hair just get dried way soooo much easier. Like so sooo sooo dry and uncontrollably. I can’t dealing with them. And I can’t dealing with my life. Aftter long and dramatic thinking, I do change my product to The Rudi Hadisuwarno in shampoo and conditioner, and also this time I push myself to get time for got my hair mask at least once a week. Trust me, its hard to find that time while you are med student that in co-ass life. On the saloon I usually used L’oreal product to my hair mask, and at home I used Viva’s hair mask (it’s Indonesia’s local brand, fyi). The result just pretty much good, and I still waiting for a better result. I also try to used Sensatia Botanical’s hair mask product that you can also read ini here: my sensatia botanica review. But so far I still love my Viva hair mask better than the Sensatia one.

So, I write pretty much enough about my hair problem. Now, I will tell you another hair mask that work sooo good on my hair. It’s  a Nature Green Choco Honey Hair Mask that I got from @lulurwajahbali you guys should check their page because they have such amazing products.

First of all, lets talk about the packaging. The Nature Organic Choco honey hair mask that I got:
They come with the brown plastic flat jar that I actually love more than any other shape for hair mask jar, its flat, handy, and easy to carry  and put down on anyspace of yur bath room.
On the back side you can read the instruction how to use it and all the ingredient they have.

Nature Organic Choco Honey hair mask contain 33o ml in one handy brown jar.


Ingredients of the Nature Organic Choco Honey Hair Mask: Pure  high quality Chocolate base hair mask, with honey, hazelnut, and olive oil. 
How to use them: Apply to half dry hair after using shampoo, let them chill for about 15 minutes and wash them off. Use NAture Organic Choco Honey Hair Mask three times a week to get the better result.
This product suit to all types of hair, to make hair gow faster, thicker, and make it soft and silky.


While you open the package you’ll find you’ve got full jar of the product which is 33o ml. Its smeels like actual chocolate meets honey that I swear you I would rather drink it than apply it on my hair. Smeels like heaven.

The texture of chocolate honey hair mask just creamy like the other hair mask. It’s look like a sheer crème while I swatches it on my hand.

First impression that I get after tring this product: OMG I WANNA BITE MY HAIR. LOL. No. I mean my hair smells like real chocolate and honey. And amazingly it’s last more than 3 days, my hair still smells like chocolate for three days and I just try the second time in day fourth just to tested it.

Over all, I like the Nature Organic Choco Honey Hair Mask because:

1.     Easy to apply

2.     Easy to wash

3.     Smells good longer than I expected

4.     Prevent my hair freeze longer than I expected


1.     My Hair got so much longer to dry after I apply the product if I'm not drain my hair with hair dryer.



Buy again:

Of course. But I’m still on my way to prove it could be my favourite one or not.

So, I think it’s all for my hair mask review. For the conclution: I love this Nature Organic Choco Honey Hair Mask by @lulurwajahbali.
 Why? It’s smells so good and they also doing so good with prevent my hair from freezing.

Don’t forget to check out aother @lulurwajahbali product on instagram.

Aaaa! It smeelss sooo geeewd!!

Do you girls have any hair problem just like me? Tell me something and lets talk about it! Because girl, I know the struggle is so real…


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  1. I'm sorry to hear about the problems you have been having with your hair and hope you find more products to help soon :) This hair mask seems lovely and I can't believe the scent lasts so long! x

    1. Thank you so much for the wishes dear, I do hope the same thig :))

  2. Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.

  3. rambutmu masih tebel yu, sepertinya kamu udah gak ada hair loss problem lagi :') omg can i just lick the mask a bit, kok kaya selai ya. pasti wanginya enak banget XD

    1. Rambutku duluuuuu tak beginiiii vin :(

  4. aaaakk jadii kepoo :D ngebayangin bau cokelatnya pastiii enaak banget <3 wanginya tahan brapa lama yu ?

    1. tiga harian kak, tergantung how much kita apply sama how long didiamkan sbl bilas itulo hehe :3

  5. Don't eat that. It's not nuttella, dear *kabur

    1. Mirip-mirip kak, kalau kepepet boleh lah ya :))

  6. Well same here! But mine was damaged because of smoothing, etc. I have natural curly hair but I used to hate it. I didn't realize that it is unique and beautiful. And now it is my biggest regret in my life! Sigh.. I write about it here:

    1. so trueeee! I've experienced that too hair damage because of smoothing etc :")

  7. Great post!

  8. I also love it to use Hair Masks :)


    1. the best me time after face mask for me, hehehe :))

  9. Wow...Great review babe...xo, Neha


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