Sabtu, 25 Februari 2017

One of the Best Day of My life: Bachelor Graduation Day

Throwback to the best moment of 2016

Few weeks ago my laptop was error by I don't know why. I was too busy to take it somewhere to fix it, then my mama did it for me. Yes, I have the best mama in the whole entire world. So, to welcoming back my lovely laptop here some of my graduation day looks.
Its about a year ago, btw.

Miss matchy-matchy me. lol

SIX YEARS OF SIS LYFE with this gal.

My Detail looks

What's graduation day without sisters shoot?

That super awkward robe. lol

I have the best supporters in here

Isn't he cute?

The best of my look is still my higlighter.
Big thanks to achunzuang_makeup to make me pretty and dreamy in the best day of my life.
Yes, its official.
Ayu Dwi Damayanthi, S.Ked


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  1. I really love the outfit you chose to wear Love the colour and ur gorgeous makeup and hair. U looked like a diva on ur big day.
    New post on my blog . Do drop by soon <3

  2. thanks for following ,pretty !

    Where is you follow button , I cant find it :(

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