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One Brand Review: Fanbo Cosmetics Fantastic Series

Colourfull or Dark? All in One Fanbo Cosmetics!

Few Weeks ago, my mom told me that @fanbocosmetics sent me a box (yes, because I am living out of the town). The box full of High quality product, that none of them I hate!

Fanbo Cosmetics is a Local Indonesian product that nothing new for me. I was on kindergarten, (yes, I start to remember make up since that little) when I found a local traditional store that sell anything like anything also sell the Infamous Fanbo Powder. Later on I start to use Fanbo's Product since I am in Elementary School. LOL. That was years ago, but I can't even forgot the smells of that powder. 

So, Fanbo was there to make Indonesian woman prettier since 1968, (my mother even just born) and still going strong till now. They updating their products and packaging and re-newing their formulas, everything get better I thought. Fanbo Cosmetics now available in saveral series, also availble in skin care products.

Fanbo Cosmetics sent me a set of their Fantastic series Which is all the packaging dominate with Red and Gold Colours. Super Elegant, right?

Things inside the box:
Fanbo Fantastic two way cake
Fanbo Fantastic Eyeshadow Kit : 02 Pesona Kupu
Fanbo Fantastic : Eye Pen Liner
Fanbo Fantastic : Blush On
Fanbo Fantastic Eye Brow Pencil  BROWN
Fanbo Fantastic Lipstick no 19

Fanbo Fantastic : Eye Pen Liner

The Product that I REALLY REALLY LOVE!

Dry Super FAST
Precise Applicator


Fanbo Fantastic : Blush On

Fanbo Fantastic Eyeshadow Kit : 02 Pesona Kupu

With this wide range of colours, I even can't imagine how wild I could became. LOL

Look at how pretty they are <3

Fanbo Fantastic: Lipstic in 19

We Can't go wrong with nude, right?

I was pretty much confuse about what kind of look should I made with this product, and I decide to be the other kind of me. LOL
Because life is too short to wore the same kind of make up everyday, right?
So here I am, trying to make a smokey eyes look with the Fanbo  Fantastic Eyeshadow Kit: 02 Pesona Kupu.

Full Face using Fanbo Cosmetics only

Fanbo Fantastic - Eyeshadow kit : 02 Pesona Kupu 
Fanbo Fantastic  - Eye Pen liner

Fanbo Fantastic - Eyebrow Pencil in Brown

Fanbo Fantastic -  Two Way Cake
Fanbo Fantastic - Blush On

Fanbo Fantastic- Lipstick in shade 19

The second look I made with Fanbo Cosmetics' Product

I've always love Fanbo Cosmetics since I was a little kid, and nothing has changed. I love Fanbo Cosmetics even more, now. 
I can't even choose wich product I do love more. But fow now, the pen liner is working too good for me, also the eyeshadow kit.
In the next post I will play more with the other colours, until the next post! See you!

Fanbo's social media:

Two different look that I made, wich one do you loving more?
Tell me down Bellow!


29 komentar:

  1. Fanbo's pen eyeliner seems so good yaaa! Love your makeup Ayu! <3



    1. Yes yes, literally so gooood! The eye pen liner <3

  2. Love the second look, yuu! so charming <3<3

  3. Hello I like your makeup especially the lipstick! :)
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  4. Hi I already follow you on G+
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  5. cakep banget eyemakeupnya :)

  6. Look pertama matanya misterius dan fierce ya kereeen, ajarin dong yuuuu! Kok aku takut ya pake eyeshadow dgn warna dominan gelap gituu.. Ga pedeeee huahaha.

    1. hahaha berantakan gitu ka bia ayu juga gak pd ini kan cuma buat foto doang. lol

  7. Love this so much!

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  8. I really like your smokey eye make up!
    These products all seem great, especially that eye-shadow kit.
    I haven't heard of Fanbo before, I need to check out this brand.

    BTW You look so beautiful!

    1. thank youuuuuu so much for the feedbacks my dear <3

  9. Interesting products, I've never heard about Fanbo before. Your makeup is amazing!

  10. I love both looks! You look gorgeous. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  11. es todo precioso, buenos productos


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