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Make Up Collaboration: Face 2 Face Collaboration with Bali Beauty Blogger, Surabaya Beauty Blogger, BeautieSquad, Jogja Beauty Blogger, and Bandung Beauty Blogger

Probably the biggest Make Up Collaboration ever in Indonesia

I hope who ever Read this having a great weekend!!

In this post I will talk about my lovely local brand that I've reviewed before: Face 2 Face Indonesia. Few times ago I had a chance to review their newest xoxo matte lipstick in: here.

Few weeks ago, F2F Indonesia conctacts us the members of Bali Beauty Blogger to do a massive make up collaboration using heir products along with Surabaya Beauty Blogger, Beautie Squad, Jogja beauty Blogger, and Bandung Beauty Blogger. The collaboration joined  by 100 beauty bloggers from all over indonesia that would make a bold make up look as #teamrendang and nude make up look as #teamopor to celebating the upcoming eid.
Without any further  chitchat lets join me to try the products that F2F team have sent me.

The packaging of all of the products that I received + the pouch!

What's actually inside the box <3

F2F cosmetics : Orange After Glow Blush

The packaging of Orange After Glow blush is so black. The package contain box and the package of the product itself. I have no problem with the packaging, it contain the ingredient and the name of shades. Beside the product, the blush come with small brush to applied it, but o b honest I don't wanna try it because it somehow not as soft as my regular brush.

About the product
I love blush, that one you should know if you wanna know me. LOL. The blush is in powder form, and contain a little bit glitter but not so blinding glitter. Its pigmented on swatch also when applied, so don't  need take the product too much it just appear anyway.  The color is peachy orange when I applied a little bit on my cheek, so pretty. 

Have lovely color

Not find one, well yet.

F2F Cosmetics: Sweet Cocoa eyeshadow

The package of the eyeshadow in shade sweeet cocoa come with the same black package with the others products. The triplets come in a black litte box with mirror that contain three gorgeous colors. The package also explain about the name of product, ingredients, and come with twi sided applicator.

About the product
When I opened the box I was like 'OMG! look at that gold and coopery shades' and I swatches it imediatly on the back of my hand. The colors are all so pretty I can't.

Pigmented on the gold and cooper shades
Handy / tavel friendly
Could be as a neutral or bold looks

The orange shade fall out so much and not as pigmented as the other two

F2F Cosmetics: Whitening BB Cream

Just like regular BB cream F2F cosmtics whitening BB cream come with a triangle-headed tube and when we squeezed it the produt will appear on your hand. The package contain the ingredient, name of shades and amount of product.

About the product
When the first time I swatched it on my hand it just stay all night after I wake up i feel like something on my skin but not in bad feels, so light covering and just good. The product blending easily and match so good on my skin tone. I coldn't asking more. They also contain spf 17 that actually so good for daily wear. It's literally feels like my skin but better. LOL. Hands down to my love at first try! <3

So good for daily wear because of it covering so good yet feels so light
Match my skin tone so well 

Nothing. Yet

F2F Cosmetics : Eyeliner liquid Black

F2F cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner in black come in a little tube that ontain the liquid eyeliner itsel and the little applicator to apply the product. I have no problem with the packaging, but I need so much effort to work with the applycator.

About the product
Just like the others black liquid eyeliner that anyway I will always love, I do love the colors of this poduct. When I start to try aplly the product it goes well, but need extra time to get it dried.

Super Black I love it when it gets dry.

I can't work with the applicator.
Need time to get dry.

F2F Cosmetics : Xoxo Matte lipstick in shade Persimmon Pie (10)

 The packaging comes with orange tube that claimed the product as xoxo matte lipstick by F2F cosmetics. The tube is clear just write about the product and the number of shades on the bottom.


I actually have nothing to complaint about this product, but hm wait. It transffered. Thats it.

I'm obsessed with this all product :")
I just saying that I'm in #teamrendang and F2F team send me a matchy-matchy orange(s) shades of make up, the eyeshedow and blush together is bomb! :))
If I would rank the product here they are:
1. F2F cosmetic Whitening BB Cream
2. F2F cosmetic XoXo Matte Lipstick in Persimmon Pie #10
3. F2F  cosmetic  - orange afterglow blush
4. F2F cosmetic Eyeshadow - sweet cocoa
5. F2F Cosmetic Eyeliner Liquid in Black
The #1 is of course the BB Cream, its so light but got a medium coverage in my skin. Say no more but love, liteally would re-purchase soon after it empty! #2 is the xoxo matte lipstick, I was talking before about the products on my previous post and the only thing that I didn't like from the products that it transffered easily. If you watch some of my youtube video I was mentioned it that I love blush on in so many form, I had no problem with the blush so she's #3. Eyeshadow is just like the determined of our make up, so great quality shadow would be define our look, I give her #4 because of the colour not really consistent on the triplets, the darker colors are pigmented but the orange not as well as the friends. #5 is the Eyeliner liquid in black, I have no problem with the color, it so black and I love it, but the applicator just way so hard to be working with :').

Wanna see my first impression full face using these product? Wait till my next post!
You maybe can check the swatch of F2F cosetics Matte lipcream in: here.


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  1. Oh the shade of that blush is really cute~

  2. bb creamnya enaak yah ringan :D manaa mukaakmuuhh *menunggu post brikutnah

  3. Beautiful products. Eyeliner wonderful <3 Common observation? Let me know. xoxo

  4. It sounds like you received some great products here and I'm glad there were some that you couldn't find any cons for :) I love the look of the blusher, it's bright but fun and great for summer. x

  5. This looks like a lovely line! I have never heard of it so thanks for sharing.

  6. Great post dear!

  7. I don't know this brand but the products look very functional. Such lovely shades.

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  9. Great review!
    The blush looks very beautiful!

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